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Those who know us know we are obsessed with fine quality and value. The items below are a reflection of that obsession. The Selectool/Work-Sharpener is a sharpener we found at a knife show where we met the owner of the company and became very impressed with their knife sharpening prowess. They are made in America by American Military Veterans. They are a terrific value and are terrific sharpeners as well. They come with access to demonstration videos that show exactly how to use them. The Chamois cloth is also made in America at the last tannery in Gloverville, NY. They are made with non-carcenogenic, non-polluting, vegetable tanning material and are soft and supple and perfect for wiping knife blades clean. Chamois is the same cloth used and preferred by the knife craftsmen we work with.

Work-Sharpener/Selectool 1

We found an amazingly foolproof portable sharpener that easily sharpens pocketknives, hunting knives, kitchen knives, scissors, tools and lawnmower blades with equal accuracy. It's good enough to join our Work-Knife and Work-Flashlight line. We call it the Work-Sharpener and we had it extensively tested on every field tool imaginable - it worked flawlessly every time. It even comes with a bonus glass cutter. Made in the USA and complete with our guarantee of satisfaction or your money back. Comes with full instructions and online access to instructional videos.


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