Red G10 Moon Pie Trapper  1

Luscious deep red highlight the jelly resin grips on this two blade moon pie trapper. The first Canal Street moon pie to sport all stainless steel components. The Moon Pie Trapper was Canal Street Cutlery's first knife. It's a classic traditional two blade trapper knife meant for long hours in the field. A true show piece with beautiful coloration, comfortable grips and extraordinary functionality. Available in very limited numbers.


Amber Tortoise Shell Moon Pie Trapper  1

This 4⅛" Tortoise Shell Moon Pie Trapper could sing an ode to the perfection of a two blade trapper. With two (2) stunning 3¾" durable razor sharp steel blades (Clip and Spey) that open and close smartly with a satisfying strike of the tang against the back spring. Durable enough for a veteran trapper to skin and gut a lifetime of pelts. Yet distinct and rare enough with the fit and finish of its tasty caramel and amber swirls to be a true collectible.


Imperial Jade Moon Pie Trapper 1

This 4⅛" Imperial Jade Pocket Moon Pie Trapper is made with Canal Street's very first knife design from 2005, and deserving of the classic trappings of Imperial Jade. Here the Antiqued Smokey-Toned Jade not only evokes Ancient Empires that have come and gone over the Centuries, but the sense that solid design and beauty can phyically outlast history. It also invokes the classic inner spirit of man at work in the field, with sharp blades designed for heavy field use, and many fine features that make for not just an elegant pocketknife, but a durable tool that will not fatigue or wear out. Its well-finished look, fine blades and beautifully crafted hafting make it equally fit for generations of use, or as a feature in a museum collection.


North American Stag Moon Pie Trapper  1

The Cutlers at Canal Street Cutlery went prowling North America for fine Natural Trophy Elk Stag. Something to tide over their insatiable appetite for Americana. Its chocolate and mossy bark tones are further enhanced with fine silver bolsters and caps, and elegant hand honed 3¼" Steel Trapper and Spey Blades. 4⅛" overall it's great for camping on the American Plains, and very durably constructed. Specially Priced to sell. Buy one now and wrap your hand around it.


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