Canal Street Cutlery took great pride in its relationships with the knife craftsmen in our home town of Wawarsing, NY. Wawarsing has been in the forefront of the knife making business since the late 1840's and is home to families with generations of cutlers. Canal Street Cultery was originally founded to manufacture pocket and hunting knives using the classical old world cutlery skills of the best cutlers in our community, sparing no expense in the design and materials. The knifes below were all handcrafted right next door to us, and have received high critical acclaim around the world. They are extremely well-made, with many qualities that are hard to find in this day and age. They are revered by pocketknife enthusiasts, as well as collectors who invested in them for long range value. In our experience with collectibles, quality wins the long range game, and these knives fit all the criteria of continuing to increase in value. All these knives are quite rare as Canal Street Cutlery, was in business from only 2004 to 2015. All of the knives listed are out of production limited edition collectibles. You are advised to email us to confirm if a knife is still available.

2008 Amber Jig Bone 4½" Swing Guard  1


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