Field-Tested™ Work-Gear

When It gets dark out there our Work-Flashlights™ are so bright - we ask yo not to look into the light. They are amazingly powerful and simply powered by standard sized batteries. Great compact flashlights that work hard and are well constructed, very practical, with a pure white beacon and perfect quotient reflector for throwing intense light beams far into the dark. You can choose between Original and Waterproof models. They will impress your friends so make sure you get one for everyone you know so you don't have to loan your's out.

Song™ Belt Pouch 1

This Song™ Nylon Cordura Belt Pouch is an exclusive designed for us by Song the sheath maker. Song designed this Pouch to be extremely durable, yet light, compact and wearable on a belt without being obtrusive. It is adaptable for a variety of uses and roughly 4 times larger than our belt sheath. You can buy one and fill it with your own useful every carry stuff including a pocketknife and our Work-Flashlight.


WaterProof Work-Flashlight  1

The Waterproof Work-Flashlight, fueled by just 3 regular AAA batteries, blasts its beam 250 yds away and stays lit for over 8 hours of continuous usage. Neither rain, snow nor humidity will effect it's ability to work. Now at a new lower price for a limited time.