Field-Tested™ Work-Gear

When It gets dark out there our Work-Flashlights™ are so bright - we ask yo not to look into the light. They are amazingly powerful and simply powered by standard sized batteries. Great compact flashlights that work hard and are well constructed, very practical, with a pure white beacon and perfect quotient reflector for throwing intense light beams far into the dark. You can choose between Original and Waterproof models. They will impress your friends so make sure you get one for everyone you know so you don't have to loan your's out.

The Original Work-Flashlight™ 1

Our best flashlight ever! It has a mini, super-charged, light emitting diode, that produces a blinding focused beam of piercing, brilliant light for 250+/- yards with just one AA battery. We've sold tens of thousands of them over the past three years and even with annual advances in technology no-one seems to be able to improve upon this flashlight. It out-performs flashlights that are rated with 6-7 times the light power. It's plain and simple a great flashlight and a great value. It's 100 percent guaranteed by us, and tested and enthusiastically approved by tens of thousands of our customers and friends under the toughest of conditions. Amazingly it's power derives from just a single AA Battery, and blows the traditional and many much more expensive tactical flashlights out of the water! Now we have improved the AA battery output with a new voltage regulator that extends and concentrates its power output.


Song™ Custom Flashlight Sheath 1

This Custom Made Black Cordura Belt Sheath was exclusively designed for the Original Work-Flashlight and features durable woven black Cordura Farbic with strong double stitched seams. Fits most belt loops and even MOLLEs - Or just use it to protect your flashlight wherever you stash it.


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