Field-Tested™ Work-Gear

When It gets dark out there our Work-Flashlights™ are so bright - we ask yo not to look into the light. They are amazingly powerful and simply powered by standard sized batteries. Great compact flashlights that work hard and are well constructed, very practical, with a pure white beacon and perfect quotient reflector for throwing intense light beams far into the dark. You can choose between Original and Waterproof models. They will impress your friends so make sure you get one for everyone you know so you don't have to loan your's out.

Song™ Emergency Water & Warmth Carry Pouch 1

Our Song™ Emergency Water & Warmth Carry Pouch Kit includes essential things you would need to keep warm and cozy under emergency conditions or if you were stranded overnight (or even for a few nights). Light weight and compact in a Song heavy duty nylon corder pouch. It includes a generous sized Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket, an easy to use Magnesium Rod Fire Starter & Striker producing a powerful shower of sparks when struck, 6 Tinder-Quik compact kindling tabs which ignite from a single spark under wet/windy conditions, a gallon sized bag for holding water, and 6 Aquamira Water Purification tablets that meet EPA Guidelines for Microbiological water purifying.


Song™ Emergency Pain & Wound Relief Kit 1

This Emergency Pain & Wound Relief Kit comes in a durable Nylon Cordura Song™ Belt Pouch and contains Selection of powerful Medi-First pain relievers - both aspiring and non-aspirin based along with a package of Steri-Strips that use a powerful adhesive to keeping wounds closed along with tincture swabs for preparing and cleaning the skin. Also included are two rolls of sterile elastic gauge and 6 adhesive strips and an aluminum carabiner clip if you have to remove your belt.


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