D' Alton Holder

D' Holder is one of the foremost and storied knife designers in the knife making world.
He's a Texan boy, and happy to spin a yarn for you, in full drawl, about how he became a full time knife-maker, after retiring from General Dynamics in 1988. He made a knife for a gentleman that he had built a custom rifle for. The rest is history and D' says the price, at the time, was $8.

For decades D' has not only designed, and made, critically acclaimed fine custom knives with a wonderful sense of artistry, but he has served the knife-making world on the Board of Directors of the Knife Maker's Guild. He served as a Director, then Secretary/Treasurer, and is a past President. There are many accolades and awards for his craftsmanship of fine knives, and his service to the industry. In 2003, he was inducted to the Knife Maker's Hall of Fame.

In addition to his Custom work (some premium examples of which are below), D' used to collaborate with Imperial Schrade, and now collaborates with Wally Gardiner to produce the Canal Street Cutlery (CSC) D' Holder Bowie Hunter, and the CSC D' Holder Drop Point Hunter. Both are elegant Rc 61 hard Sandvik Specialty Steel one piece integrals (completely fashioned out of one piece of steel) with fine super sharp edges, fully tapered tangs and guards, and premium handle materials.

D' Holder Custom BoxElder and White Amber Hunter 1

This Exquisite Custom D' Holder Hunting Knife has amazing color with selections of swirling azure and violet Box Elder, and Rare White Amber bordered with aged leather. The ATS-34 steel is tapered and in balance with the entire piece and represents one of D's finest work. The guard has miniature wildlife and border engravings by Bruce Christianson. This is a museum quality piece and comes with a bade inscribed Master Mark and a D' Holder Handmade Southwestern Leather Sheath and horn button.


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