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We had an email from a customer today that reminds us that we haven't posted on our blog that are in the process of redesigning our website. We have been working with a couple of consultants to re-think what we are doing. We've already made some changes already, but by early next year there will be more new features popping up, including a new expanded shopping cart and as well as a coupon system for our insiders. If you happen to see something odd - or have a suggestion - please let us know. If you wish to become an insider and receive notice of our special offers you can sign up for them here: - this sign up also enters you into our monthly knife drawing.

We recently sent out an email to our "non-responders" - which are folks that our email service says are not reading our emails to ask them "Do You Read Our Emails," and reminding them that if they don't read our emails - they will never know if they've won one of our knives. Two thirds of our prize winners have not opened their prize announcement and claimed their prize, which leads to a redrawing and a new winner. We did learn that many more people read their emails than our system indicated - I guess folks can skim their emails without opening them these days. We learned that subscribers not only read our emails but they like and look forward to them.

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