Sharp Talk

New For Football Season - CARRY THE FOOTBALL™

Canal Street Cutlery has done it again. They have designed an exciting New American Knife. The Carry The Football™ Knife has genuine football leather handles and feels like a football in your hand ~ and there at the end of the handle is the sweetest most elegant blade imaginable ~ ready for your side in a football leather sheath or ready for your desk when you need that football feel to help you through your paperwork. We predict this knife will take the knife~world by storm.

New Knives and Jewelry Have Arrived

Fall is descending upon us folks, and with fall comes crisper days, and better appetites. I have been gearing up for this fall by ordering a new fall line up of the most beautiful knives imaginable and this fall we introduce our gorgeous new jewelry line, in an effort to help allow men and woman shop here together.

Knife Country

I don't care where you hail from in the US, there's more knife shops in the South than anywhere else. Why is this? Are Southerners more prone to buy a knife than anyone else, or are they just more open about their love of knives?

Dirty or Clean?

There’s a delicious feeling you get when you set your eyes on a well-made pocketknife. It reaches out to you and wants you to grab and put your fingerprints all over it. It wants you to get it dirty, even though you want it to stay clean and shiny, shiny enough to let you share it’s beauty with someone else.

So the question I wish to propose today is – what do you prefer – a dirty pocketknife or a clean one? M Siegel

Knives and what they mean to me

I have been carrying a pocket knife from the age of nine on. You never know when you need to use a pocket knife, but everyone who carries one knows that they come in handy sometimes. They are not only a useful tool, but just knowing they are around is very comforting.

My first pocket knife was a Buck Ranger, with a wooden handle. I then went through a variety of Swiss Army Knives and their different blades and tools. Today I carry various Canal Street Cutlery knives.

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