Sharp Talk

The 3¾" Brown Diamond Back Pinch Lockback Story

3¾" CSC Brown Diamond Back Pinch Lockback

SFO: Kogut Tortoise Shell Moon Pie Trapper

CSC Faux Tortoise Shell Two Blade Moon Pie Trapper

Elk Horn Moon Pie Trapper

CSC North American Elk Horn Two Blade Moon Pie Trapper

If you crave stag horn knives we have a knife for you. Elegant bark tones, comfortably well worn and hefted, framed with polished silver bolsters, personally serialized, razor sharp steel blades that walk and talk and can shear the hide off off anything you can trap, together with a super amazing unheard of price, then I'm warning you to get ready because here it comes!

Canal Street Cutlery Prototypes Available For A Very Short Time

Canal Street Cutlery is making available through our store ~ for a very, very limited time - Very Special Prototypes & One Only Models that are listed below. If you are interested in any of them please call us at 845-524-4508 or email us at Some of them are pictured (below their listings), none are numbered, they are only marked/engraved "Prototype" in the bolster and Canal Street Cutlery in the tang (except for CSC D'Holder models which are only engraved in the spine of the tang).

WoW ~ What a Week!

We spoke to a 70 year old fellow this week, who lives in Kansas and has a collection of 400 ring openers – including one in real tortoise shell. WoW! He invited us over to visit and see his collection, and we may have to take him up on it. He has a lot of great stories and I think I want to report back to you all about him in more detail.

Newest Canal Street Cutlery (CSC) Knife Winner

CSC American Chestnut Spring

CSC 3¾" Reclaimed American Chestnut Pinch Lockback

When Wally Gardiner hired a gang with crowbars and handsaws to go to Hopkinsville to deconstruct the Hoover Barn and save all of its 100 year old American Chestnut Wood. No one had ever even contemplated putting American Chestnut Wood on a knife, and the old timers sat back and watched, bringing their lunch boxes with plenty of homemade sammiches and iced tea with them.

New CSC SFO Aged Summer Pine Smooth Bone Half Moon Trappers Released

CSC 3¾" Summer Pine Bone Half Moon Trapper

The Summer Pine Caveat

Monthly Knife Drawing Winner and Newsletter March 2012

We are starting a new format this month for our email subscribers. If you want to read our latest info you will be guided to our blog. This will prevent your email boxes from being over stuffed with our pictures and articles. I hope you will find it easier to use than ever before. We spend a lot of time exploring and thinking of things to write about, and we are glad that many of you seem to enjoy it.

Congratulations to our newest winner of a Canal Street knife

Significance of the Polished Mark Side

I often find that I have to explain the significance of why Canal Street's open stock knives are "Polished Mark Side" (mirror finished on one side of the blade only) ~ we posted that explanation at the following link of this web site

Working With Canal Street Craftsmen!

We received a call today and an order from a Canal Street enthusiast from the midwest today. He told us that he ordered knives from us because of our close relationship with Canal Street Cutlery and thanks us for what we were doing. Besides hearing that from Wally Gardener it was the first time I had heard one of our customers thank us in quite that way. This fellow had read every word we had written here on our website and it was very gratifying.

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