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Summertime Special Ofers

We have created a new page for the summer heat my friends. it's time to move some knives out of the knife room to make room for more knives. Visit our newest specials page to see a list of special offers available for a short time only.

Click Hot! Hot! Hot!

Canal Street's New English Barlow Pre-Orders Are Shipped

The American Chestnut, Sunset Smooth Bone, and Petrified Wildebeest English Barlow Pre Orders have been packaged this evening and will be out in the mail in the morning. The Chestnuts were completely sold out, and there were only a scare few available to begin with. I hope you all get as much of a thrill out of them as I have.

Come Visit Us At Kenco, the Work & Play Outfitter in Kingston, NY

We are pleased to announce that we will have partnered with Kenco the Work and Play Outfitter, 1000 Hurley Mountain Road in Kingston, NY, to make our knives available at a retail outlet in New York. Kenco is a Specialty Sporting Outfitter's Shop geared to the Catskill Mountain Outdoorsman(woman) with a fine selection and large variety of specialized outdoors gear. We highly recommend a visit to their excellent shop. It's right off of exit 19 on the NYS Thruway (Rte 87) - take rte 28W ½ mile to Hurley Mountain Road on the left.

A Love Affair With Pocket Knives

We're away this weekend at the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh North
Carolina with Wally Gardiner - wouldn't you know it but we are also
experiencing technical difficulties with our camera and photo
software and couldn't release a new knife this week. Instead we
decided to ruminate on our...

Love Affair with Pocket Knives

There is something about a good knife that speaks to our souls in a
primal way. Think about it. The first inventions of man were the
knife, the wheel and fire. These were things man needed and invented

Knife Pass - The Story of Jezebel

Jezebel by Donald Seawell

In Spite of Snow Storms

We recently received the following letter via email, after mailing a package in the midst of a recent snow storm. Ordinarily we would have made it part of our "Testimonials" page (linked here: - but I felt it was too good not to share with our readers.

Dear Michael,

In spite of Snow storms, the Ring openers arrived safe and sound. First box I opened was the Rams horn (the other one is intended for my daughter).

Natural Kid Chamois and Fingerprints ~ No Sweat!

Natural Kid Skin Chamois

Canal Street Cutlery Barlow Introduced At International SHOT Show

3 3/8” CSC Smooth Sunset Bone Barlow Prototype

American Chestnut Update

Heat-Treating Steel Blades

The Meat & Potatoes of Steel

Canal Street Cutlery's Rockwell Hardness Tester

There are many debates among knife lovers about their favorite steel. For every stainless steel fan insisting in its wonderful qualities, there is a D2 steel fan that will argue that D2 should be the steel of choice. So it is not surprising with such strong sentiment that we often get asked, "what kind of steel does Canal Street Cutlery use?" Or another popular query is "does Canal Street use carbon steel or stainless steel in these knives?"

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