Song™ Emergency Water & Warmth Carry Pouch


Song™ Emergency Water & Warmth Carry Pouch 1

Our Song™ Emergency Water & Warmth Carry Pouch Kit includes essential things you would need to keep warm and cozy under emergency conditions or if you were stranded overnight (or even for a few nights). Light weight and compact in a Song heavy duty nylon corder pouch. It includes a generous sized Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket, an easy to use Magnesium Rod Fire Starter & Striker producing a powerful shower of sparks when struck, 6 Tinder-Quik compact kindling tabs which ignite from a single spark under wet/windy conditions, a gallon sized bag for holding water, and 6 Aquamira Water Purification tablets that meet EPA Guidelines for Microbiological water purifying.

  • Song™ Black Nylon Cordura Belt Pouch

  • (4" x 3½" x 2" - Double Stitched)
  • 84" x 54" (7'x 4½') Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket
  • OrGlobe EZ Grip Magnesium Rod Fire Starter w Striker and 12" ParaCord
  • 6 Wet-FIre Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs
  • 3.78Liter Double Zipper Plastic Food Grade Storage Bag
  • 6 Foil Wrapped Aquamira Water Purification Tablets

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