Natural Kid Chamois and Fingerprints ~ No Sweat!

Natural Kid Skin Chamois

We shine up our knives for approximately 30 shows a year, and very often our customers seem surprised that their fingerprints stand out on the knife blade. “No Probem!’” we always say, “fingerprints are part of the deal,” and whip out our natural kid chamois and wipe the blade clean. Natural kid skin Chamois is our weapon of choice to clean blades. Our friends at the last tannery left in New York State make them just for us, and we thought we’d share with you why we are so happy to have our locally made chamois with us wherever we go.

Knife professionals all make it very clear that fingerprints on knife blades must be managed. Some even open blades by pivoting them by the sharp edge of the blade to avoid contact with their fingers. Nearly a thousand versions of written knife care instructions say: oil your blades and joints occasionally with a light sewing machine oil, and “wipe off fingerprints and moisture with a soft all cotton cloth, or chamois.” They explain that fingerprints contain acid which will cause corrosion.

Scientifically speaking, finger tips, in addition to what they pick up and then imprint on surfaces, have skin cells which consist of proteins and water. These proteins are mostly peptides. Each peptide is a complex chain of amino acids that contains DNA, hormones, and antibodies. The various peptides perform specific roles including maintaining the cell, cell-to-cell communications, and/or regulating chemical reactions. Three dimensional (3D) chains of sequenced amino acids, they chemically interact with everything they contact.

The peptide Demcidin – an antibody common in human sweat

When a fingertip comes into contact with a surface it may deposit thousands of different peptides, each ready to do battle to protect the skin. Peptides aggressively look to pick a chemical fight with your knife blade, and create chains of chemical reactions on contact. It is, therefore, very important that you wipe these suckers off efficiently – for while they help your body and your skin – they are by design at war with your knife blade.

Natural kid leather chamois has the needed surface textures and chemistry to wipe off peptide chemistry from your knife blade. This is why experienced knife makers have learned to prefer it.

Our local tannery has made a small amount of natural kid chamois available to us. They are made using a historic tanning process with all non-toxic vegetable based dyes, and have been cut to usable sizes. They are nothing like the chamois you will find anywhere else, soft, supple and ready to pull the genetic chemistry war off your knife blades. Use it to wipe off excess oils, dirt and polish as well.

Treat your knife blades like a knife professional. Fine Natural Kid Chamois is available for purchase @ the following link:

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