Many of our customers say and write very nice things to us in appreciation of our products and great customer service ~ we offer you a sampling of some of the notable correspondence we have received (... means we edited out some of the personal stuff) last names are all deleted too:

"Just got the two [Original Work-Flashlights] I ordered a couple days ago. Very impressed. I've been carrying Surefires and Fenix lights for years and this little light is really nice.....super bright!!! ..."
Jonny M

"I bought 6 [Original Work Flashlights] from droppointhunter.com . These are awesome! I am very pleased and so are people I show them to."
Jovi B

" I ordered [an Original Work-Flashlight] along with a [Work-]Sharpener. Haven't tried the sharpener yet but the light destroys both the two and three cell Mag-lights. Bright, easy to carry, light weight. Will order a few more now that I am satisfied, will put them in the cars and a few rooms for emergencies. Good product! Very satisfied."
Charles G

"I was a Navy ship builder so I know the importance of a good flashlight[.] I paid $ 89 for a light to carry in my pocket for emergency (2 or 3 storys down in a steel cargo hold .. so dark you cant see your hand .. in in front of your face) and this light goes out loved it..... [and] with that being said I ordered 2 of these [Original Work Flash]lights ...[and] retired my expensive light and [now] carry this one. As for the second one my 19 year old son (Who would never carry one before) took it and wont give it back - carries it everyday. WE LOVE THEM I am going to buy them for my whole family for Christmas. ... thank you work flashlight!"
James T

"[The Original Work Flashlight] works as described and lasts an hour or so with an Energizer rechargeable battery before I could tell it was dimming. I never leave feedback on anything but thought this deserved some. Very satisfied with flashlight!"
Tim Y

" I had my doubt's when I ordered this [Original Work Flash]light, but it is definitely worth the $$! I am an EMT and its a perfect size for my pockets at work! Several coworkers are amazed by this little light!"
Richard E

"I saw your [Original Work-Flashlight] light on Facebook & thought what the hell, let's give it a try. I figured if it didn't live up to its rep, I'd let the grandbaby have it to play with. Boy was I surprised!
I work at a juvenile detention center on the graveyard shift, so a good light is essential. This little beauty is awesome! A bright light, strong clip (also essential), a tough case and small size. When you do checks every 15 minutes, you know if a lights gonna hold up pretty quick. The light I was using was an LED also but used 3 AAA batteries that would last effectively 2-3 days. Your light is still going strong on the original battery & thats been over a week ago!
I want you to know that this was the best deal ever & that I recommend it to all! Well done!"
Tandy Y

"Well I just placed my order for Drop Point number 6, It's the 1 of 25 with the Horn handle Silver Bosters, 440C Blade 7 3/4" overall. It would have been my ninth one but read below. This one will not be used, well maybe I have Custom knives that cost a lot more, and I've used the heck out of them but this is a rare Bear.
People if you have any questions about how good a knife is, do what I did. I gave 3 new in the box Stag Drop Point Hunters to three friends of mine for a field test 1 week in north Fla. and the deal was use them hard, don't sharpen them, they could Strop them but that's all, if the blade got to bad then use their own knife but I wanted to see the knife and sharpen them. So after 4 Bucks and 3 Hogs and one BUDDY cutting a Beer Can, I got them back and yes they had to Strop them but they all were still very sharp, shave the hair "NO" but just a little work and all three Edges were like new. Everyone of the 3 Hunters paid me for the knives and kept them. This is a true story, SO any questions about a Canal Street Knife. Their hard working knives. "This was a lot of fun also"
Mark B

"Just want to tell you that the Green Pepper Jade Half Moon Trapper that I ordered yesterday arrived this afternoon. I couldn't ask for better service or a better price. Thanks for both.
Have a great Holiday and thanks again."

"as I've said before, you certainly can wax poetic! Maybe you should have been an English major like myself instead of all that lawyering you've done. Thank you for your kind sentiments and intelligent observations of our appreciations of knives and knife making. You, personally, have helped me in the beginning of my knife collection with knowledge and hints and a chamois cloth. I've met a lot of fellow collectors and dealers in my two years of collecting and many of them share our passion and enthusiasm. It's been an unexpected surprise and pleasure to enter the world of knife collecting. Thanks,"

"The knife arrived today and is very nice. Thanks so much for the great service and special help with it. It's a pleasure doing business with you. Merry Christmas !! --"

"The jade arrived and is worthy of the approbation.
I really like the material and thanks for the mouse pad."

"I just wanted to let you know that I really like my Panama White. It's great! I fish so It is great to have around all the time to cut the line etc. also, #13 is very tight just as i expected. This is a very classy knife. Thanks for working with me and for my knife.-- "

Hi Michael,
"I received the Sunset Smooth Bone Pinch Lock Back & could not be happier. Not only is easy on the eyes, it’s a pleasure to use.
Thank you for your outstanding customer service."

Hello Michael,
"I am the guy you met at the Raleigh Gun & Knife show who was from Grahamsville. I just wanted to send to you a note to let you know I am buying 2 more of those flashlights for christmas presents. They are truly impressive. ...
Thank you,"

Hi Michael…..
"The packages arrived today...thank you again...the dark coffin wood and summer pine fantastic colors and just what I was expecting from Canal Street.....now on the other hand the Barlow, blown away my friend..I recognize the Canal Street construction..tight joints.liners and rounded edges but it's like another level for CS and the handle material ([sic] Honey Drop) drop dead gorgeous color….."

"Just a quick note to let you know the Barlow arrived OK today. Wow! These puppies really are nice. The chestnut is really something.
Thanks again,"

"...thanks for the great communication. I only have a few CSC knives but I think they are the best traditional folders currently being made and I'm really happy about these short run versions you are having made.
Thanks again,"

"The knife I ordered, American Chestnut Serpentine Stockman, came in Monday, just as planned. The quality surpassed all my expectations! This is a high quality knife and I'm sure it'll definitely last past my life time, a true heirloom! Thank you for the quality product and service that is clearly a direct reflection of the care put into the trade, from those that make them to that sale them. It went into my pocket and it'll be on me for the rest of my life."

"I love knives and I love your site. Stumbled on the American Chestnut Serpentine Stockman, read a bit more about it and saw how the handles are made from the wood of an old tobacco farm outside of Hoptown, KY (Hopkinsville). I was instantly thrown back to the 70's and 80's when we'd be driving down Highway 91 and you would smell the relaxing scent of the smoke from some of the barns that were smoking the tobacco. I bought that knife. Your web site was very easy to use and to order from. Thank you!"

"The three beautiful red squeeze [sic] pinch lock backs arrived yesterday. You sent numbers, 17, 21, and 24. I chose #24 because I was born June 24. Brett came by my house before church and took #21 because he was born May 21. That left #17 for Matthew who was born February 17. Who said there are NO coincidences.
Here is what super critical Matt said about it, "What a beauty! Great fit and finish and beautiful red scales"
Sincerely, Don

Dear Michael,
"The parcel arrived safe and sound. As I handled the Canal Street Hunting Knife, I immediately looked around my living room for some Big Game to dress. No Elk, no Moose, no Buffalo around. Went to the fridge. Nothing worthwhile to try the knife on. My cattle dog looked at me and hid behind my cat, then both fled and locked themselves up in the bathroom. I went outside. A furry Shetland Pony saw me and gave the alarm to his buddies. All loped to the end of the pasture. It was very frustrating !
So I took it to the Office today. Who knows ? Maybe a Boar will walk in…
I want to thank you. The kind service you provided made receiving the parcel like receiving a gift and not a purchase. Some Knife manufacturers and outlets (amongst others) in the US who do not wish to make business over sea's should think twice about it. I knowingly and willingly paid USD 50.- Custom fees for this particular purchase (talk about promoting Free Trade…), which means that when I buy from the US, I always pay more than the initial price including international shipment because it is US made and hope for good, let alone friendly, service.
You went far beyond my expectations, and I really appreciate it. THANK YOU."

"I got them and they are absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks much for supporting excellent American Craftsmanship and sharing it with us!!! Talk to you soon."

"You have conveyed the fact that you love your craft with a human, social and historical dimension that is becoming scarce in our "global" world where just fast profits and standardiszation have taken the lead over every other dimension. I appreciate it, specially with the paradox that it is perhaps the internet that allows the very survival of adventures such as yours with the Canal Street cutlers. ….Best regards,"

"She's a beauty! …. Thanks again for your help and prompt attention. Really rare these days and much appreciated."

"... You helped me out on a American Chestnut muskrat I had returned- and sent me the most beautiful grey bone muskrat. I just ordered this canvas piece [Honey Brown Canvas Half Moon Trapper] listed below . What a cool knife. Thanks for all you do for CSC and knifers everywhere."

Hi Michael,
"I received the knives safe and sound. All three are awesome. Hard to say which I like best but the Micarta pinch is a strong contender. The Micarta is beyond my expectations, I really like the deep color, I'm not sure what color you are calling it but it is awesome."

Thanks Michael!
"I always appreciate the personal interest you take in my order.

"Hi Michael,
I received my knives today and am very pleased. The Mammoth Tooth is just stunning!! Can't wait to order another knife for my collection. ...

"Dear Michael ...,
Thank you very much for shipping three knives to me….
I will thank you from the heart. The knives are very beautiful and wonderful. I was impressed by the beauty of the finish…. Summer Pine Smooth Bone is calm and there is dignity. Cannitler is also great among the three knives. Although I already have Camel Bone Cannitler, great new knife has been added to the collection.
Thank you again."

"Hi Michael,
I received the Kudu Horn Half Moon Trapper today and I have to say that once again, as with each CSC knife I have bought to date, the knife greatly exceeded my expectations. The knife is beautiful. You were right about the true color and characteristics not being conveyed in the picture of the Kudu Drop Point, however your new pictures of both the Kudu Half Moon and Kudu Full Moon do a much better job in showing the true color and characteristics of the polished horn.
I'm looking forward to receiving the three Trophy Series, I have no doubts that they will be just as stunningly beautiful as all the others.
It's been a pleasure to buy from you, thanks for your time."

"The two knives arrived today and I must say they are worth the wait, really gems.
I really appreciate all the effort you put into making this right."
Tom H

"Hello Michael,
I love the changes you made on your site, especially the section of photos of the shop. As I looked through them, seeing the craftsmen at their busy benches in the shop with wooden floors, I got very good vibes and the feeling that "hey, these guys are the real deal." I suspect that others will get that same vibe as well.
Your newsletter is great and REELED ME IN last night to order the Lemonade Abalone Pinch Lock. I almost bit on the Chestnut Swell Center Jack...and still might!
...Hope all is well with you ...!
Your friend,"
Bill H"

"message: Hi Michael!
I received my CSC Lemonade Pinch today, and I have to say that the pictures don't do it justice. It's beautiful!! Many thanks for sending it in a mailing box AND for sending a new knife box for my MOP Pinch AND for applying a discount!! Holy smokes!! Your customer service skills are way beyond AWESOME!! I think you just turned me into a forever customer . . . Thanks again for all your help!!"
Lois O"

Just wanted to let you know I got the Fossilized Wildebeest Bone Swell Center Jack on Friday and like it very much. The handles are awesome and no doubt the nicest looking handles I've ever seen on a knife. You can quote me on that. ....
Thank you,"
Tom K

Just a note to say that the Burt engraved knife is gorgeous and will take a prominent place in my humble collection. The folding hunter is great as well and I have my eye on ordering two or three more pieces from you as my budget permits. Be sure to let me know as you offer specials.
I haven't seen a line of knives that scream quality like these do in a long time. ….."
Jimmy H

Received the knife today, thanks! Very nice.
Take Care,"
Steve P

I received the knife in today's mail. It arrived in sound condition and
without any problems.
It is a very attractive knife and one that I'm sure I'll enjoy. Thank you
very much for packaging it so securely and shipping it so quickly. I will
definitely keep you in mind for my future purchases.
Thank you,"

"Thank you Michael for the wonderful Pearl Swell Jack knife. I was very nice to see you and talk knives this weekend. ....
In anycase it was nice to see ya and I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to own that beautiful PEARL Swell center LARGE jack knife!
All the best,"

"message: Hi, Michael just wanted to let you know I received my sheath today for my Canal Street folding hunter. Wanted to say Thanks for the help in finding the sheath for me the great price on it and the super service you give to your customers. Have a good weekend and once again thanks so much."

I purchased the CS full moon trapper in sambar stag (in my pocket right now by the way).
Well anyway I am really happy with my new CS .... See you soon and best wishes."

"Hi, Michael
.....I am happy with this, as this knife arrived quickly and in excellent
condition completing my collection of folders that I had selection out of
the Canal Street American Chestnut series.
.....Thank you for all your assistance, best regards"

"Just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I put a CSC knife of my Christmas list. My mother gave my the amber stag Coke bottle knife (#009). .... So i hope that business is good and that you are all well in the New Year. Looking forward to more CSC knives in my future! -"

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