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Knife Sharpening Service 1

Want that fine edge returned to your knife ~ have your favorite knife sharpened and reconditioned by one of our Master Cutlers at Canal Street Cutlery (Pictured left). Canal Street Cutlery specializes in sharpening Ceramic Blades as well as Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Blades. Wrap it up and send it to us at, PO Box 71, Ellenville, NY 12428 and we will have it sharpened and reconditioned by a Master Cutler at Canal Street and return it to you as promptly as we can.


  • Our Cutlers are Masters in the Trade and Specialize in

  • Ceramic Blades
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Carbon Steel Blades
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  • Then Send Your Knife in with the Receipt

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