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We found an amazingly foolproof portable sharpener that easily sharpens pocketknives, hunting knives, kitchen knives, scissors, tools and lawnmower blades with equal accuracy. It's good enough to join our Work-Knife and Work-Flashlight line. We call it the Work-Sharpener and we had it extensively tested on every field tool imaginable - it worked flawlessly every time. It even comes with a bonus glass cutter. Made in the USA and complete with our guarantee of satisfaction or your money back. Comes with full instructions and online access to instructional videos.

  • Durable Heavy Duty Resin Body

  • Built in Easy Angle Guides
  • Clearly Marked Sharpen and Hone Settings
  • Changeable Blade Settings For Large Tools and Lawn Mower Blades
  • Auto Sharpen Scissor Guide
  • Bonus Rear Glass Cutter
  • Printed Instructional Guides
  • Access To Online Instructional Videos Included
  • Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee
  • and Free Shipping anywhere in the US

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